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Robin and Laura have superb reputations for treating joint, muscle and tendon pain or discomfort using a combination of Osteopathy, Dietary advice and Exercise prescription.  The most common complaints people come to us with, are  back pain, neck pain, shoulder, arm and hand pain, leg and foot problems, sports injuries and headaches.  This list is not exhaustive, for more detailed information on what osteopathy can treat please see the Osteopathy and FAQ’s pages.


Our team of osteopaths have a reputation for accurate assessment, detailed explanations and clear treatment plans for your health issues.  We try to work as quickly as we can to get you back to optimum health using our knowledge of physical therapy.

"Restored my quality of life.  Thank you!" Nigel Tandy

"I am a mother of two teenage daughters who suffer with the chronic illness Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.  We have been coming to Ilkeston Osteopathy Centre now for just over 3 years.  The treatments have impacted greatly on the girls' health and wellbeing by relieving their chronic pain and other associated problems.

Ilkeston Osteopathy Centre provides us with excellent, professional but friendly service.  The help, advice, support and treatments they have been given by the osteopaths have enabled us to get the girls off pain medication, relieve many of their symptoms and help them manage their illness.

I would highly recommend this practice because they take good care of their clients; offer a high quality service in a friendly and relaxed environment.  They offer a holistic approach to treatment, from providing the physical therapy during each session to offering sound advice to help you to find the best way to either manage or treat your condition in a way that best suits your lifestyle and capabilities."  Tanya Mawer


Meet the Team

Rachel Brown - Business Owner / Manager

Rachel moved from Watford to Ilkeston in 1999 to set up the Ilkeston Osteopathy Centre after buying the business from the previous Osteopath. She lives in South Derbyshire with her husband, son and daughter.  In her spare time she enjoys paddle boarding, cycling and walking her Boston Terrier - in fact, anything outdoors! 

Rachel worked as an Osteopath at Ilkeston Osteopathy Centre for 20 years but unfortunately in 2019, she had to undergo bilateral hand surgery which was unsuccessful, so has since had to retire from Osteopathy. 

She still owns and manages the business and her passion for Osteopathy and the patients that enter the practice remains the same.

Emma Anning - Receptionist 


Emma started working at Ilkeston Osteopathy Centre in 2005.  She lives locally with her family and enjoys going to the gym and watching Nottingham Forest in her spare time.

Emma works part-time greeting patients and ensuring the smooth day to day running of the practice.   

Meet the Osteopaths

Robin Outram - Osteopath

BSc(Hons) Ost. Med.

Graduated from Oxford Brookes University as an Osteopath in 2009.  He lives in North Derbyshire with his wife, son and two daughters. He enjoys golf, yoga, cooking and travel.


Prior to retraining as an osteopath Robin worked in IT in Manchester and London before a back problem resulted in him experiencing the benefits of osteopathic treatment. This treatment not only had profound effects on his back, but also proved to be a career and life changing moment. 


As well as being a registered osteopath with a keen interest in the treatment of all musculo skeletal problems (“its not just all about backs”) Robin is an experienced massage therapist and qualified yoga instructor.  The combination of these skills provides a unique approach to understanding the function (and subsequent malfunction) of the human body. 


Robin has experience of successfully treating people from a variety of backgrounds; from experienced sports people with acute injuries, expectant mothers with bad backs, office workers with poor posture, children with asthma to older people with chronic debilitating illnesses.  “I have found one of the strengths of osteopathy is its inherent flexibility, which allows it to be successfully applied to a wide range of people and problems.  This flexibility stems from the fact that we see each person as an individual not a complaint or a symptom and as such we are free to treat the person not the symptoms, resulting in the freedom to be truly patient focussed which I believe better enables us to help you achieve your goals”.  


"Caring, professional and supportive.  My regular treatments keep me moving!" Nikki Spencer

Laura Bayley - Osteopath

MSc Ost Med. 



Laura graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University with a Master’s degree in osteopathy, with additional qualifications in cranial osteopathy and kinesio-taping. 

Laura is a very friendly osteopath who has developed a wealth of experience in treating a wide range of musculoskeletal dysfunctions.  

It is important to Laura to identify and treat the cause of the musculoskeletal dysfunction or condition, which she then fully explains to the patient along with the treatment needed. 

She works together with the patient to prevent the injury from re-occurring, as well as giving patients the tools in the form of rehabilitation exercises and stretches to manage their injury at home.

In her spare time Laura enjoys playing football and going to the gym.

"Has helped me a lot to sleep without pain in my leg and neck. Thank you very much" Betty Hall

(needed for anyone that has not been to the practice before)

45 minute appointment  

(if you have been seen at the practice before)

30 minute appointment

Our opening hours are


Mon:    15:00 - 21.00 (Robin)

Tues:    09:00 - 16:00 (Laura)

Weds:  09:00 - 20:00 (Laura)

Thurs:  09:00 - 20:00 (Laura)

Fri:       09:00 - 16:00 (Robin)


£60.00 for the initial consultation (45 mins)

£45.00 for treatment (30 mins)




Payment for an initial appointment is taken at the time of booking via our online  booking system.


Payments  for treatments are taken at the point of treatment and can be made by cash or debit/credit card.

Some useful links


General Osteopathy Council  (GosC) www.osteopathy.org.uk



Institute of Osteopathy (iO) www.osteopathy.org   

National Council for Osteopathic Research www.ncor.org.uk


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